Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Gear Series: Epiphone G400

My first ever guitar.
So today's post will be the start a series called "My Gear", which basically reviews all the equipment I currently/have owned. The Epiphone G400 is a nice mid-range guitar, suitable for Gibson SG fans, but without the money. These days, G400s are made in China (boo...) but luckily I bought one of the earlier models which were made in Korea (yay...).

So the good things about this guitar? They are relatively cheap, compared to the Les Paul range of the Epiphone brand, and they look pretty cool.

What about the not so good things? These guitar are top-heavy, meaning that the neck is heavier than the body. The annoying thing about this is that when you are playing while standing up, the neck will always sink unless you hold it up. Also, the pick-ups on these guitars sound fairly mediocre, especially the neck pick-up, which tends to sound drowned and muddy. The treble pick-up sounds fairly decent for a "meh" pick-up, and is the only humbucker I use when I play, which can be confounding if I want a warmer sound. Finally, the controls/jack tend to be flimsy and can undo themselves at times.

Some tips to improve this guitar? If you own this guitar and hold similar views as me, I recommend the following:
1. Change the pick-ups to any sort of Seymour Duncan humbucker.
2. If you can't afford pick-ups, replace the stock 500k pots with 1meg ones. This will definitely open up the sound to some degree.

Overall score? 2.5/5. ... this may be biased due to the fact that I am a Fender sort of guy. ;P


  1. so what would you say the price for one of these guitar is nowadays?

  2. nice guitar mate. are you any good? im trying to learn

  3. I've had a guitar laying around forever now, an Epiphone Genesis. It's pretty sexy looking for something so old, haha. I really should learn to play it.

  4. I need to get serious about my guitar playing :(. I've had a guitar for 5 years and I've only picked it up no more than 20 times. Appreciate the review. Hope to see more!

  5. hi bro, nice post today..
    i'll sure keep coming to check the news
    so bring that shit up!
    also, i might post about that thing i told you tomorrow
    be sure to check it out
    take care :)

  6. SGs are beautiful and this is an extraordinary one.

    I'm more of a Les Paul, Epiphone man myself.

  7. have you heard of guitar rising? irl guitar hero

  8. lol amazing


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  9. nice!

    check out mine too please!

  10. Love the SG's, but I like Strats moar!

  11. I love playing the guitar, although I kind of suck... hihi

  12. Great blog. Showing some love. ;)

  13. Great post bro
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  14. only a 2.5? yeah i guess my firs guitar was pretty shitty too

  15. I am learning how to play a guitar as we speak!
    Hope i will charm all the girls in college! and I love it anyways!
    May The FORCE be With You!