Monday, August 30, 2010

Fender Jazzmaster

A sexy Jazzmaster. Mmmmm...
Well look what we have here? An ultimate surfer's guitar? Not only that, this versatile beast sounds great playing anything from country to hard rock. The Fender Jazzmaster sports an Alder body and a Rosewood fretboard, but what sets it apart from other guitars are its pick-ups.

These wide-range single coil pick-ups are unique to the Jazzmaster, and sound absolutely amazing. Being single coil and coupled with 1 meg pots, the sonic detail and clarity of these pick-ups are second to none. Sure, it may look like I'm simply advertising this guitar, but I seriously do love it. One great thing about the pick-ups are the positions available for selection. You have your standard Rhythm and Treble, but only on the Jazzmaster the middle selection uses both pick-ups in parallel, cancelling the hum and using both pick-ups like a humbucker. The resulting tone you get is extremely fat, yet clear. The pick-up selectors above the rhythm (neck) pick-up totally gives the guitar a darker tone, as it switches to pots with a lower resistance.

In my opinion, the Jazzmaster through a Fender Tweed amp makes a perfect lead guitar, backed by a Gibson humbucking guitar as rhythm.

Finally, here's a cool video of PhilX demoing a Vintage Jazzmaster. Enjoy.


  1. I just starting picking up guitar any tips?
    i play acoustic